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Where the rocky west coast of Brittany changes more and more into a flat coastal landscape with long sand beaches, there is placed La Grée Penvins. The next larger place is Sarzeau, approx.. 6 km far away. Once a agriculturally used surface, which was structurally opened approximately since 1970. Here Inhabitants from the land behind created in La Gree Penvins their weekend- domicile. The buildings have maximally 1 1/2 floor, meaning the houses have nearly all ground floor with developed attic. You will not find buildings with more than 2 floors. The holidays guests of La Grée Penvins come out of all Europeans countrys. However, the predominant numbers are coming from France. La Grée Penvins is a calm resort, also in the season.

To the sea side defines itself the place by a dune. From property to the beach there are approx.. 300 m to walk. Here is no more land development (protected area). The beach however stretches still approx.. 6 km to the west. If you want to be alone, then you will find reliably a place if you walk some 100 meters along the beach (see the photo above). La Grée Penvins lies on the peninsula Rhuys. The peninsula encloses the “Gulf of Morbihan” in the south. Walking from property the 300 m to a dune, the Atlantic opens you after climbing up the dune. The beach drops gently to the sea. Therefore it is well suitable for non-swimmers too.

fresh bread you will get in the season in La Greé Penvins or in Penvins in the “Bar de Rhuys, 1,5 km far. Purchase possibilities for your weekly shopping are given in several super- markets in Sarzeau (6km), or on the weekly market of Sarzeau.

Water- sports
Approx.. 900 m from property away, at the chapel from La Grée Penvins, is a larger parking area. There are sailing boats available. In the season there are sailing- surfing and diving- schools established. If you want to bring along your own large boat, you can leave this here also to water. We don’t leave you alone. Locally you are cared for by our manager. He will visit you Monday after your arriving and will introduce themselves. Name, address and Tel. No. of our manager are given in your travel documents.