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1. Duration of the letting
The letting of the object takes place from Saturday to Saturday, whereby the arrival is to take place after 16.00 o'clock and the departure before 10.00 o'clock, in order to guarantee a smooth completion.

2. Allocation
The maximum number of persons is four. Inventory and furniture are co-ordinated with it.

3. Domestic animals
Domestic animals, not being noisy, are in principle permitted. However the tenant must communicate the taking along of a domestic animal. It has to carry ensuring that all of its domestic animal caused impurities in and at the house are eliminated immediately.

4. Additional expenses
Additional expenses such as electricity and water are not contained in the rent. They are accounted for after consumption. (1 kwh = 0,24 EURO; 1m³ water = 8,00 EURO)

5. Cure tax
At the end of the year we must pay cure tax to the tourism authority in Sarzeau, 0,94 euros for each booked person over 13 years (only for the season- period). Please transfer the fee together with the additional expenses.

6. Insurance
The French insurer for the holiday home requires that, upon conclusion of the lease agreement, we submit the lessee's private liability insurance policy. Please enclose an insurance certificate (copy of liability insurance policy) with the lease agreement. If you do not currently have private liability insurance, we request that you take out insurance for the duration of your stay and provide us with a copy of the policy prior to your arrival.

7. Travel route
We will send you a detailed description of your travel route, in particular the last travel section, 4 - 6 weeks before beginning of vacation and after your remaining payment of the rent.

8. Property
Our property has a size of 1.200 m². The holiday house is located in the front part. Behind the holiday house is a large open space for sport and play.

9. Bedlinen
Bedlinen (sheets, bed and linen for pillows) as well as hand- and kitchen- towels are to be braught along by the tenant. You find the mass of the bedlinen in the travel documents.

10. Payment
Within 7 days after pre- reservation- date (your request of reservation by phone or letter) has to be payed a pre-payment at a value of 30% of the rent. We must delete otherwise your reservation. The payment of the remaining rent is to be made without being asked, 6 weeks before travel start. After receipt of this payment and the bail you receive your travel documents and the keys from us. If the reservation takes place within 6 weeks before travel start, then the entire rent is to be paid at one time.

11. Bail
With the transfer of the amount of remainder renting (6 weeks before travel start) we ask you for a bail of 250 euro.

12. Final cleaning
The final purification is made by the tenant. If you wish an object cleaning during your stay, then we can give you names and addresses. These cleaning services are to be payed by you in La Grée Penvins.

13. Non smoking
It is not allowed to smoke in the holiday home, but we have a lage garden and a terras